Avago offers a wide range of RF and wireless solutions for smart phones, tablets, and wireless infrastructure designed for LTE/WiFi, GPS, military, test & measurement, and point-to-point applications.

Avago Technologies RF and Microwave component innovations are instrumental in driving the wireless revolution. Avago is leveraging its experience in smartphone handsets and base stations to offer new wireless products targeted at small cell base stations, macrocell base stations, and portable GPS/GNSS systems.

Innovative film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR Filters Duplexers and Multiplexers) from Avago are enabling today’s 4G mobile devices. They have a steeper filter response curve for superior out-of-band rejection as well as lower insertion loss than SAW filters, allowing them to meet the challenges of 4G device design while improving battery life and talk time.

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Broad selection of RF amplifiers including gain blocks/drivers, low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) for cellular applications and diverse markets.

Demo Boards

A wide range of demonstration circuit boards for use in testing the performance of MMICs and discrete solutions.


An extremely broad product portfolio of Schottky and PIN diodes for use in wireless communications.

FBAR Devices

Avago FBAR technology filters, duplexers, and multiplexers designed for smartphone handset applications.

Handset Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers specifically designed for use in cell phone handsets and enabling today's 4G mobile devices and smartphones.

Millimeter Wave

Comprehensive line of millimeter wave (MMW) MMICs designed for next-generation communication networks.


Broad selection of silicon bipolar and GaAs FETs transistors for infrastructure and diverse market applications.