Digital Optocouplers

Avago offers a wide portfolio of industrial plastic digital optocouplers to meet the requirements of factory automation applications. They are versatile and easy to use. These optocouplers are designed for use in a variety of isolation applications ranging from power supply and motor control circuits to data communication and digital logic interface circuits. The product offering includes high-speed logic gate digital optocouplers that operate at 20MBd, 10MBd, 8MBd, 5MBd, 1MBd and 100KBd .

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Digital optocouplers that operate at 100KBd.


Logic gate optocouplers that operate at 10MBd.


Transistor output optocouplers that operate at 1MBd.


Logic gate optocouplers that operate at 20MBd.


Logic gate optocouplers that operate at 5MBd.


Low input current optocouplers that operate at 8MBd.

Digital Isolators

High-speed digital isolators that can operate at rates up to 100MBd.

High-Speed CMOS

Designed for use in automation systems and distributed field devices.

Multi-Channel Bi-Directional

High-speed logic gate optocouplers ideal for use in applications such as isolating data conversion devices, parallel buses and peripheral interfaces.