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OneCommand Manager Centralized, Multi-Protocol Management of Fibre Channel HBAs and UCNAs

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Simplify and streamline SAN management while reducing TCO
OneCommand™ Manager, the successor to Emulex market proven HBAnyware management application, provides centralized management of Emulex fabric (Fibre Channel HBA) and network (iSCSI UCNA, FCoE CNA and 10Gbps Ethernet Adapter) connectivity solutions in physical and virtual server deployments through a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as a fully scriptable command line user interface (CLI). OneCommand Manager provides powerful adapter provisioning and diagnostic capabilities helping to increase administration efficiency and business agility.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by enhancing network availability and reducing management costs
  • Streamline adapter administration through centralized cross platform, cross-protocol (Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI and TCP/IP) management capability
  • Enhance overall performance via robust diagnostic capabilities
  • Increase availability by leveraging powerful troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities
  • Implement SAN best practices in virtual server environments
  • Improve reallocation of assets within virtualized server environments
  • Increase management efficiency though adapter automation capabilities
  • Improve time to deployment by centrally changing protocol support for OneConnect adapters.

Key Features

  • Unified platform for management of Emulex fabric (Fibre Channel HBA) and network (iSCSI adapter, FCoE UCNA, NIC) connectivity solutions
  • Real-time discovery, monitoring and administration of Emulex fabric and network connectivity adapters and connected devices
  • License enablement capability to change OneConnect adapter’s protocol support in the field  (FCoE, iSCSI)
  • Cross-platform solution with broad operating system (OS) and hypervisor support GUI and CLI options
  • Extensive CLI with advanced scripting capabilities
  • Online “Boot-from-SAN” capability improves server provisioning SAN availability
  • Automated, batch driver and firmware update capabilities
  • Extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Web-launch capability for increase management access flexibility
Specification Value
OS Support Linux, Solaris, Windows
Industry Standards FC-MI, FC-SP


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