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RF and Microwave Semiconductor Division Lead-Free Initiative

Avago Technologies' RF and Microwave Semiconductor Division began offering many of its products in Lead-Free finishing in early 2004. While we have attempted to make our broad RF and Microwave product portfolio completely Lead-Free, there are a few product families that will not have Lead-Free options.

Avago Technologies has carried out thorough investigations to ensure its Lead-Free RF products are able to meet forward and backward compatibility requirements for customers' manufacturing and assembly processes, as well as quality and reliability requirements at higher solder reflow temperatures.

In order to distinguish lead-based and Lead-Free RF products within the supply chain, all Lead-Free RF products have an additional letter "G" added to the product number on the shipping label. For example:

Lead-based Product Number on label: HSMS-2800-TR1

Equivalent Lead-Free Product Number on label: HSMS-2800-TR1G

However, this rule is only applicable to products with leaded and unleaded options. For products that are ONLY available in Lead-Free option, there may or may not be a suffix "G" added to the part number. . All necessary information can be obtained from the Lead-Free Products Listing.

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Product Changes Notice (PCN) - RoHS Labelling Communication Dec. 2006 (232 KB, PDF)
Parts Affected: All Avago Technologies' RoHS Parts