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Isolated ADC enables accurate current sensing and robust communication

Current and voltage information is required by the controller for effective control in many power converter systems. Featured with high common mode noise rejection, high isolation voltage, built-in safety insulation, Avago's isolation amplifier family provides an ideal solution for these applications. For example, the ACPL-798J optically isolated sigma-delta modulator with LVDS Interface enables accurate current sensing and robust long distance communication between power board and controller board in noisy environment. Another example is that the ACPL-C87X series provide accurate voltage monitoring of bus voltages.

Length: 54 min 24 secs. 

SiC MOSFET Gate Drive Optocouplers

Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors are rapidly emerging into the commercial market delivering several benefits over conventional Silicon-based power semiconductors. SiC MOSFETs can improve overall system efficiency by more than 10% and the higher switching capability can reduce the overall system size and costs. The technical benefits coupled with lower costs have increased the fast adoption of SiC power semiconductors in applications like industrial motor control, induction heating and industrial power supplies and renewable energy.

Avago Technologies gate drive optocouplers are used extensively in driving Silicon-based semiconductors like IGBT and Power MOSFETs. Optocouplers are used to provide reinforced galvanic insulation between the control circuits from the high voltages and the power semiconductors. The ability to reject high common mode noise (CMR) will prevent erroneous driving of the power semiconductors during high frequency switching. This webinar will discuss how the next generation of gate drive optocouplers can be used to protect and drive SiC MOSFETs.

Using Optocouplers for Safety and Protection in Motor Drives and Inverters

Motor drives and inverters work in high voltage domains and require safety isolation and protection to meet regulatory requirements. Optocouplers have been the defactor standard in providing this function for over 3 decades and have their own optocoupler-only safety standard IEC 60747-5-5. Join Avago Technologies in this Webinar to learn about Optocoupler Isolation Advantages, as well as how optocouplers can help to meet safety and protection requirements in motor drives and inverters designs.

Gate Drive Design Scalability and Power Conversion Efficiency

Expanding upon Avago’s earlier generations of market-proven smart gate drive optocoupler devices, the new ACPL-339J is designed to further maximize gate drive design scalability for motor control and power conversion applications ranging from low to high power ratings. Uniquely designed to support MOSFET buffer of various current ratings, ACPL-339J makes it easier for system engineers to support different system power ratings using one hardware platform by interchanging the MOSFET buffers and power IGBT/MOSFET switches. More importantly, these changes can be made without redesigning the critical circuit isolation and short circuit protection.

Designing with Current Sense optocouplers in Motor Drive systems

In Motor drive applications accurate phase Detection of the Motor Current and transfer of data to the Controller is very important. Isolation Amplifiers work with the SHUNT RESISTOR, especially in noisy environments to provide accurate Current Measurement. The Device includes a built-in AD converter, combined with robust and reliable optical coupling technology to achieve high gain accuracy and common mode noise rejection. Typical applications include Motor phase Current sensing, DC Bus Current detection, inverter Current sensing, and Universal Voltage Detection. Compared with the conventional Hall effect Sensors or Current transformers, isolation Amplifier Detection scheme provides a Smaller, Higher Precision, Lower cost Solutions.  

Motion Control Solutions Webinar

What Can Encoder Technology Do For You? This webcast explains the technology, type of encoders, how they work and other valuable information on how they are designed. Areas of concern will also be addressed. Optical encoders have greater accuracy in linear and rotary motion sensing, and learning to optimize the application's capabilities, delivers a more satisfying end product to the customer/end user.

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