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Corporate Videos

Avago Corporate Product Video

View this upbeat and fast moving video that provides a broad overview of Avago’s target markets, as well as the product offerings that go into each of those market segments.

Length: 6 min 30 secs.

Fiber Optics


Avago Technologies showcased its latest Fiber Optics products at the OFC/NFOEC 2014 exhibition. Following are some of the live demonstrations captured on video:


Avago Technologies showcased a new set of 40G/100G long-reach parallel optic module solutions and gearbox/retimer ASSP solutions at the OFC/NFOEC 2013 exhibition. Following are some of the live demonstrations captured on video:

Optical PCIe Gen3 using Avago MiniPOD™ Optical Modules

This video shows PCIe Gen3 operating as an active, eight lane aggregation pipe over an optical link, delivering a full 64Gbps (128Gbps bidirectional) performance. It uses the PLX PEX8748 Gen3 switch and Avago MicroPOD™ optical modules.

Length: 4 min 05 secs.

Avago Multi-Gigabit Consumer Optical Interconnect

This demonstration shows the world’s first high speed consumer optical interconnect streaming High Definition (HD) video through a USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable using fiber optic modules from Avago Technologies.

Length: 4 min 14 secs.

Avago 40G QSFP+ Interoperating With 10G SFP+ Modules

The demo shows connectivity between Avago Technologies 10GBASE-SR SFP+ transceivers and the new QSFP+ 40G-iSR4 transceiver over 100 meters of OM3 multi-mode fiber.

Length: 4 min 28 secs.

Avago 25G VCSEL-based SFP+ Optical Technology

The demo shows our best-in-class high temperature 25G 850nm VCSEL integrated into our high volume SFP+ production platform operating over OM3 multi-mode fiber.

Length: 2 min 42 secs.

Powering the Next Generation of High Performance Optics

High definition video, internet voice communications, cloud computing and broadcast video-on-demand services are all requiring networks to become faster and more responsive. View Avago’s new embedded parallel optic module. 

Length: 3 min 53 secs.

Avago Technologies Alternative and Renewable Energy Video

Learn about leading-edge Fiber Optic and Isolation Solutions and enhancements across the four technology sectors that make up Alternative & Renewable Energy: Solar Power; Wind, Water and Geothermal; Fuel Cells and Hydrogen; and Biomass and Battery technologies.

View this cool video that provides a broad overview of Avago’s product offerings in the wind turbine, solar and opto isolation market.

Length: 4 min 32 secs.

Fiber Optic’s Optical Transceiver Flash Demo

The demand for high quality, cost effective fiber optics is increasing. This flash shows a comparison of the current market transceivers and how Avago’s SFP transceiver is superior and more effective. This SFP transceiver will meet the market demands as the growth continues.


Industrial Fiber Optics

Versatile Link Crimpless Connector Demonstration

This video shows a step by step termination guide of a 1mm plastic optical cable using Avago’s crimpless Versatile Link connectors.

Length: 5 min 25 secs. 


Avago Illumination Solutions: Mid-Power LEDs

Avago Illumination Solutions: This presentation focuses on how Avago’s ½ watt mid-power LEDs can make your distributed lighting products look better and cost less.

Length: 6 min 50 secs.

Key LED Design Factors, Indoor and Outdoor Signs

This presentation focuses on the key LED design factors involved in designing indoor and outdoor full color signs commonly used in entertainment and media signage and mono color signs typically used in traffic signs and transportation.

Length: 5 min 48 secs.

Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Avago Technologies offers a wide range of LEDs for solid state lighting. Our High Power, Mini High Power and Moonstone™ products are available from 1/2W to 3W input power in a variety of colors.

Length: 4 min 15 secs.

Illumination Solution: Entertainment and Traffic Signs

Avago has a robust portfolio of LED products for Entertainment, Transport, Transportation Signage, and Electronic Signs and Signal applications. To learn more about these solutions view this video.

Length: 3 min 21 secs.

LED Illumination Solutions

This product and application focused presentation describes in detail Avago's three high power LED families: Moonstone, High Power LED and Mini High Power LED.

Length: 8 min 37 secs.

Motion Control

Avago AEDT-981x Encoder Series Video

This video covers the features and benefits of Avago's new AEDT-981x encoder series. Industrial grade, high resolution 3 channel Incremental encoders with low power consumption and ease of alignment.

Length: 2 min 37 secs.

HEDR-5xxx Series of Three-Channel Quick Assembly Encoders

The HEDR-5xxx series is a new advanced and compact three-channel encoder family from Avago Technologies. The HEDR-5xxx series caters to the increasing market demand for high performance, higher resolution encoders for motor feedback control systems.

Length: 9 min 11 secs.

Avago Housed and Kit Encoder Technology

Avago Housed and Kit Encoder Technology – In this video, Lee Teschler of Machine Design Magazine talks to Avago about their optical and magnetic encoder technology for housed and kit encoders. These incremental encoders and absolute encoders can be used in a variety of motor and motion control applications, and can replace encoders from companies such as US Digital.

Length: 7 min 06 secs.

AEAT-6600 Magnetic Encoder Demo

Demonstration of the AEAT-6600 Programmable Magnetic Encoder as shown at the Motortech 2011 trade show. The AEAT-6600 is a contact-less magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360 degrees.

Length: 3 min 45 secs.

A Guide to Encoder Assembly Process

This flash video demonstrates a step-by-step assembly process of Avago’s Optical Encoder family; AEDR Series, AEDS-924x/934x series, AEAT 60xx Series, AEAS 7000 Series, HEDS 9xxx Series and the HEDS 55/65xx Series Encoders.

AEDR Series Reflective Encoder Product Demo

View the motion control product demo and see how our smallest optical encoders, employing reflective technology for motion control purposes, can be used in a variety of applications.

Optical Sensors

Intelligent Sensing with Optical Sensors

Intelligent Sensing with Optical Sensors Solution This flash video demonstrates how Avago Ambient Light Sensors and Proximity Sensors are used in many diverse applications such as mobile phone, notebook and display, lighting management and automotive systems. The proximity sensors are designed for use to detect the presence of object or motion. Avago ambient light sensors provide precise light detection for a wide range of ambient brightness and adjust backlight accordingly.


Avago Automotive Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

Avago Technologies optocouplers by virtue of their advanced technology and industry experience, has introduced the ACPL-K30T an AEC-Q100 certified device, for solid state drives.

Length: 2 min 42 secs.

Isolated ADC enables accurate current sensing and robust communication

Webinar video for "Isolated ADC enables accurate current sensing and robust communication" on TechOnline Live 29 Jul, which covered both AMFO and EUFO.

Length: 54 min 24 secs. 

Using Digital Optocouplers for Digital Isolation Applications (In Chinese)

This webinar will explain the needs for insulation and isolation in industrial applications and provide a brief introduction to optocouplers for isolated digital communication. It will also discuss the various applications used for our digital optocouplers.

As one of the leaders in galvanic isolation optocoupler technology, Avago delivers optocouplers that are designed and manufactured to meet stringent requirements needed for industrial applications. Due to the increase in power conscious applications, improving power efficiency of optocouplers will continue to be the requirements in the industry. Finally will get to know Avago Technologies new low power digital optocouplers.

Length: 38 min 12 secs.

Using Avago Optical Isolation Amplifiers in Solar Power Systems

In this presentation we will discuss how you can make isolated measurements of voltage, current and temperature with our optically isolated Iso-Amps.

Length: 13 min 30 secs.

The latest Avago Gate Drive Optocouplers

ACPL-337J (4 A) and ACPL-336J (2.5 A) Gate Drive Optocoupler with Integrated VCEDesaturation Detection, Active Miller Clamping, Fault and UVLO Status Feedback.

Length: 12min 15 secs.

Effective Design with Avago Gate Drive Optocouplers

This video shows how to effectively design your next power switching application with Avago's gate drive optocouplers.

Length: 38 min 9 secs.

Galvanic Isolation: Choosing the right isolation device

This presentation gives a synopsis of the various technologies available to the designer to meet their galvanic isolation requirements. In this presentation you will learn how the three competing solutions are different and how and why optocouplers deliver the industries best solution for re-enforced insulation.

Length: 22 min 17 secs.

Avago ACPL-x2xL 5 MBd Optocoupler Family

Learn more about Avago's industry leading Low Power 5MBd digital optocoupler which is optimized for applications in the industrial, power control, communication interface and Networking System applications.

Length: 6 min 52 secs.

Optocoupler Isolation Design - Reinforced Safety and Reliability

This presentation shows performance advantages of optical isolation technology based isolators and optocouplers, in terms of common mode rejection, EMI immunity, radiated emissions and part degradation over time.

Length: 18 min 9 secs.

Teardown: The power inverter--From Sunlight to Power grid

Tracing the path of harvested DC power from the photovoltaic panel, through boost conversion, power inverter and massive filtering of the created AC power signal required by the power grid. Surrounded by monitoring and microcontroller magic along with safety standard adherence, we uncover the mysteries of solar energy harvesting electronics.

Length: 12 min 7 secs.

Avago Technologies ACPL-C79x Isolation Amplifier

Jamshed Khan, optocoupler application engineer for Avago Technologies, demonstrates Avago's new miniature isolation amplifier, the ACPL-C79x, for current and voltage sensing applications.

Safe Driving with Optocoupler Gate Drive

This flash shows the latest breakthrough in Avago optocoupler gate drive from high output drive current to integrated active miller clamp with desaturation protection. Gate driver are used in power electronics application such as motor inverter and solar inverter. Included in the flash is an introduction to gate drive optocoupler family and graphical explanation on the gate driver protection features.

Overview of Avago’s Optocouplers Product Demo

This demo shows how unwanted signals can be isolated including insulating high voltages and magnetic fields by using Avago’s optocouplers. It is to ensure reliability and data accuracy of the industrial or consumer applications, be it factory automation, motor control drive, power generator, automated test equipment, display panels, induction cooker and many others. Understand further how basic optocoupler and solid-state-relay (Photo MOSFET) works, product features and values, achievements and more.

Server Storage

The Datacentered Future

View Avago's vision of a datacentered future, where sophisticated, predictive analytics will harness the power of data to drive revolutionary new services.

Length: 2 min 13 secs.


Small Cells... The Next Big Thing

Designers of Small Cell BTS systems face many technical challenges when specifying and designing the RF front-end. There are issues with size, power consumption, power added efficiency (PAE), receiver sensitivity, frequency band coverage, coexistence with other radios, and hardware design and layout flexibility. We have addressed these concerns with a broad portfolio of RF product solutions including power amplifiers (PAs), low noise amplifiers (LNAs), FBAR filters and duplexers, and integrated GPS/GNSS LNA filter modules for small cell BTS applications.

Avago Demo Video at MTT

This short video demonstrates the Avago WiFi WiMax RF Front End at the MTT 2010 tradeshow. (Courtesy Microwave Journal)

A Flexible Dual-band WiMAX RF Front End Solution

Designers of mobile WiMAX/WiBRO systems face many challenges when designing and specifying the RF front end. There are issues with system power output, FCC regulations, power consumption, and interference with local cellular radios. Other issues are layout and design flexibility, and the potential need for custom modules.

Avago has addressed these concerns with our new flexible dual band WiMAX RF front end solution. The solution consists of three separate small standalone modules: two full-band power amplifiers and a switch/detector/control module.

Revolutionary New Chip Scale Packaging Flash Demo

This flash shows a breakthrough in packaging technology that brings wireless chip micro-miniaturization and high frequency performance to new levels. Avago’s innovative WaferCap is the industry’s first semiconductor-based chip scale packaging (CSP) technology. The ultra small product dimensions and performance levels resulting from WaferCap CSP provide a new level of design flexibility in device placement that will change the way RF designers think about a variety of wireless product designs.

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