Optocoupler Application Notes

Application Notes List

Pub No Title Publish Date
AV02-3334EN AN 5545 SPICE Circuit Simulations
for the HCNR200 and HCNR201 Analog Optocouplers


AB 102 Optoisolation Product Part Number System 2012-01-05
5953-0406E AN 1004 Threshold Sensing for Industrial Control Systems with the HCPL-3700 Interface Optocoupler 2007-04-10
5953-9359E AN 1018 Designing with the HCPL-4100 and HCPL-4200 Current Loop Optocouplers 2007-04-10


AN 1023 Radiation Immunity of Avago Hermetic Optocouplers 2007-04-10


AN 1024 Ring Detection with the HCPL-3700 Optocoupler 2007-04-25
5965-5980E AN 1036 Small Signal Solid State Relays 2007-07-28


AN 1043 Common-Mode Noise: Sources and Solutions 2007-08-02
5965-5978E AN 1046 Low On-Resistance Solid State Relays 2007-07-27
5091-4502E AN 1047 Low On-Resistance Solid-State Relays for Hi-Rel Applications 2007-04-16
AV02-3482EN AN 1059 High CMR Isolation Amplifier for Current Sensing 2006-12-10


AN 1074 Optocoupler Input-Output Endurance Voltage 2007-02-06
AV02-2633EN AN 1078 Designing With Avago Technologies Isolation Amplifiers 2010-09-15


AN 1087 Thermal Data for Optocouplers 2008-04-15
5989-1053EN AN 1252 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the Consumer Market 2006-05-22
5989-1054EN AN 1253 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the High-Power Industrial Market 2006-05-22
5989-1055EN AN 1254 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the Low-Power Industrial Market 2006-05-22


AN 1321 High Speed CMOS Optocoupler Applications in Industrial Field Bus Networks 2006-05-22


AN 1335 Main Applications and Selection of Gate Driver Optocouplers 2006-04-09
AV02-1847EN AN 1357 Overview of High Performance Analog Optocouplers 2009-03-30
5988-9769EN AN 5004 Design and Applications of HCPL-3020 and HCPL-0302 Gate Drive Optocouplers 2006-11-09


AN 5074 HCPL-800J Application Note 2006-08-10
5989-1542EN AN 5085 Powerline Modem Applications 2006-04-09


AN 5087 In 7Vpp Isolated Powerline Communications 2006-05-28
AV02-2019EN AN 5121 Isolation Amplifiers and Hall-Effect Device for Motor Control Current Sensing Applications 2009-07-16


AN 5302 Solid State Relay, ASSR Series Input Control Drive and Various Loads 2006-10-12
AV02-0072EN AN 5314 Active Miller Clamp 2008-01-28


AN 5315 “Soft” Turn-Off Feature 2008-08-29


AN 5324 Desaturation Fault Detection 2008-09-11
AV02-0421EN AN 5336 Gate Drive Optocoupler Basic Design for IGBT / MOSFET  2009-07-09
AV02-1333EN AN 5394 HCNR200/201 High-Linearity Analog Optocouplers  2008-11-11


AN 5401 Optocouplers Isolated Circuit for Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) and Drivers 2008-09-02


AN 5431 Miniature Iso-Amp Rises to the Challenge of Sensing Motor Phase Current 2009-06-11
AV02-2321EN AN 5452 Design Considerations for Solid State Relay 2010-03-25
AV02-2340EN AN 5456 Dynamic Power Dissipation Considerations for Solid State Relays 2010-05-17
AV02-2531EN AN 5476 Recommended Soldering Profile for Lead-Free Plastic Optocouplers and Solid State Relays 2010-06-04
AV02-2674EN AN 5486 Digital Optocouplers for Ultra Low Power and High Noise Rejection 2010-10-11
AV02-2718EN AN 5490 Bootstrap Power Supply for Motor Control and Inverter Systems 2010-11-10
5953-7794E AN 951-1 Applications for Low Input Current, High Gain Optocouplers 2007-04-10


AN 951-2 Linear Applications of Optocouplers 2007-04-11
5989-1057EN SN 101 Overview of Avago Technologies Optical Isolation Technology and Products for Motor Control Applications 2006-04-05
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