Get the literature you need from Avago Technologies below. In addition to our Corporate Brochure, we have also started a library of our latest Application Solution Brochures. Learn how product solutions from Avago Technologies can help solve your design problems. Please be sure to check back soon for updates. In the meantime, in order to help us make this page more useful to you, we would like to know your feedback

Avago Corporate Brochures 

Corporate Brochure

Application Solution Brochures 

Learn about the wide range of applications that Avago Technologies offers product solutions for. These application-based solution brochures will each highlight a block diagram and show what areas our products are a good fit for.


Alternative Energy Generation
Electric Trains and Locomotives
Elevator Control
Industrial Networking
Industrial Valve Control
Motor Control
MRI and CAT Scan Systems
Security and Surveillance Systems
Smart Grid Control
Smart Meters
Test Equipment


Automotive Body Electrics
Automotive Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Automotive Hybrid Power Trains
Automotive Infotainment
Automotive Lighting and Signaling

Solid State Lighting 

Electronic Signs and Signals
Solid State Lighting


Data Center Networks
Smart Phones
Wireless Base Stations


Digital Cameras
Exercise Equipment
Printers and Imaging Devices
White Goods and Appliances


Radar Systems
Secure Communications

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