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Front End Modules

Avago offers highly reliable and integrated multi-chip front-end module solutions that will reduce parts count, board space, and cost and shorten design cycle time by integrating various critical RF front-end elements into a single partially matched or fully matched device.

The new AGPS-F001 FBAR filter-LNA module is designed to simplify portable navigation systems and embedded GPS/GNSS systems, offering superior receiver sensitivity and better interfering signal rejection than any comparable solution.

Avago Technologies CDMA front end modules offer premium performance in a small form factor. They are designed using CoolPAM Power Amplifiers integrated with FBAR filters.

Power modules offer extended talk time and excellent linearity by using CoolPAMTM technology which enhances efficiencies in low and medium power mode. These devices meet stringent CDMA linearity requirements.

Within these front end modules products, FBAR (Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator) based duplexers provide low insertion loss and outstanding isolation, which improves efficiency and RX sensitivity.

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