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FBAR Filters

Avago Technologies FBAR (Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator) filters are a form of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter that have superior performance with steeper rejection curves compared to surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters. FBAR filters also feature 0.3 to 0.5 dB less insertion loss, resulting in up to 50mA less current consumption, thereby improving battery life and talk time.

FBAR technology has gone mainstream. Three years ago, when most applications were 3G based, only 4-5 different bands benefited from using FBAR filtering. Now, as worldwide carriers move to 4G/LTE, filter specifications are much more stringent, and in many cases FBAR filters are the best way to meet the requirements. To meet this demand, Avago now supports as many as 15 different frequency bands with FBAR products.

With FBAR, Avago is enabling multi-band phones. Phones that operate over multiple bands, in multiple regions of the world, and with simultaneous LTE voice and data are made possible with Avago’s FBAR technology. 4G/LTE frequency bands are often co-located next to other frequency bands - sometimes with little to no guard bands separating adjacent bands. With steep filter skirts and superior out of band rejection, FBAR allows today’s smart phones to co-exist in the presence of frequencies that would otherwise interfere with normal operation.
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