Quad Pin Diode Pi Attenuator in SOT-25 Package

The HSMP-3816 has four PIN diodes configured for PI attenuator diode applications. The four wideband , 300kHz to 4GHz, low insertion loss, high linearity,  pin diodes are in a  low cost, surface mount SOT-25 package. Four PIN diodes in a single package reduce parasitics and improve circuit density.

The four PIN Diode dice come from adjacent die on the same wafer and therefore have very similar and matched RF performance. This improves end-user production yield at the board level. Better product performance and application repeatability result.


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Features [+-]

  • Wideband from 300KHz to 4GHz
  • High Linearity up to 45dBm IIP3 at 1GHz
  • High Attenuation of up to 38dB at 1GHz
  • Lead-Free (Pb-Free)

Applications [+-]

  • Wireless Infrastructure (Basestation)
  • VSAT
  • CATV

Benefits [+-]

  • Suitable to use in high frequency application up to 4GHz
  • Good distortion performance in attenuating applications   
  • Greater dynamic range for the attenuator
  • Meet the Pb-Free & RoHS requirement

Documents [+-]

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