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RF & Microwave

Avago Technologies RF and Microwave component innovations have been instrumental in driving the wireless revolution. Avago is leveraging its experience in handsets and base stations to offer new wireless products targeted at small cell base stations, macrocell base stations, and portable GPS/GNSS systems.

Avago offers a wide range of RF and Microwave solutions for handsets, wireless infrastructure, WiMAX/WiFi, GPS, military, test & measurement, and point-to-point applications including: 

Innovative film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR filters) from Avago are enabling today’s 4G mobile devices. They have a steeper filter response curve for superior out-of-band rejection as well as lower insertion loss than SAW filters, allowing them to meet the challenges of 4G device design while improving battery life and talk time.

Power amplifiers in the MGA-43x28 series are ideal as a final stage PA for Picocell and Enterprise Femtocell systems with a PCB footprint 50% smaller than comparable devices. The MGA-43428, 43528, and 43628 target 3GPP bands 5, 2, and 1, respectively.

The MGA-16x16 series of balanced ultra-low-noise amplifiers are designed for cellular infrastructure applications with industry-standard performance and twice the linearity of competing devices. The MGA-16116, 16216, and 16316 target the 450-1450 MHz, the 1440-2350 MHz, and the 1950-2700 MHz frequency bands, respectively.

The ALM-GN001 FBAR filter-LNA module is designed to simplify portable navigation systems and embedded GPS/GNSS systems, offering superior receiver sensitivity and better rejection of interfering signals than any comparable solution.

ADS Modeling

This library of models is supplied to users as an aid to circuit designs. While it reflects reasonably close similarity to the actual devices in terms of performance, it is not suggested as a replacement for lab evaluation. (.zap or .zip files)

Please find the complete list of ADS Modeling here.


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