CMOS/TTL Compatible, Low Input Current, High Speed, High CMR Optocoupler

The HCPL-7611 optocoupler is a low input current version of the HCPL-2611 and 6N137 (without enable). The optically coupled logic gates combine an AlGaAs high-efficiency light emitting diode and an integrated high gain photon detector to create a low input current device for low power applications. The output of the detector IC is an open collector Schottky-clamped transistor. The internal shield provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity specification of 10,000 V/us (HCPL-7611).

This unique design provides maximum ac and dc circuit isolation while achieving CMOS and TTL compatibility. The optocoupler ac and dc operational parameters are guaranteed from -40oC to 85oC with no derating required allowing trouble free system performance. This product is suitable for high speed logic interfacing, input/output buffering, and applications that require low input-current switching levels.

The HCPL-7611 offers many features that are especially beneficial to system designers. The low input current requirements and guaranteed switching threshold (2 mA max.) allows the LED to be driven directly by any standard high-speed CMOS gate (e.g. 74HC/HCT). This will simplify designs by eliminating the need for special driver circuits and result in lower part counts and greater system reliability while freeing up valuable printed circuit board space.

The wide current input range of 2 mA to 10 mA and guaranteed ac and dc performance over a wide temperature range will also simplify designs. Low supply current requirements mean lower power dissipation allowing for the use of a smaller, less expensive power supply. The high speed (10 Mbd typ.) and low propagation delay skew (Tpsk <= 40 ns guaranteed) allow for easier design of high speed parallel applications. The world-wide regulatory approval (UL/CSA/VDE 0884) will facilitate the acceptance of the end product in international markets.



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Features [+-]

  • Low Input Current Version of HCPL-2601 and 6N137
  • Wide Input Current Range: If = 2 mA to 10 mA
  • CMOS/TTL Compatible
  • Guaranteed SwitchingThreshold:If = 2 mA (max.)
  • Internal Shield for High Common Mode Rejection (CMR)
    HCPL-7611: 15,000 V/us (Typical) at VCM = 1000 V, If = 4 mA
  • High Speed: 10 Mbd Typical
  • Guaranteed ac and dc Performance Over Temperature: -40oC to 85oC V
  • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 Approval: VIORM = 600 VRMS
  • UL Recognized: 3750 VRMS, 1 minute
  • CSA Accepted
  • Low Supply Current Requirement
  • Low Tpsk: 40 ns Guaranteed
  • Lead-Free Option 000E

Applications [+-]

  • Isolated Line Receiver
  • SimplexMultiplex Data Transmission
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Computer-Peripheral Interface
  • Microprocessor System Interface
  • Digital Isolation for A/D, D/A Conversion
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Instrument Input/Output Isolation
  • Ground Loop Elimination
  • Pulse Transformer Replacement

Benefits [+-]

  • Lower power consumption 
  • Small in size - a very compact transmissive encoder, suitable for space constrained applications
  • Reduce errors that result in from motor mispositioning etc.
  • Produce significantly better quality end-product (images, printings etc.) as compared to other low resolution encoders

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