Automotive 1MBd Transistor Output Optocoupler

The ACPL-M43T is a single channel, high temperature, high CMR, high-speed digital automotive optocoupler in a five lead miniature footprint.

The SO-5 JEDEC registered (MO-155) package outline does not require “through holes” in a PCB. This package occupies approximately one-fourth the footprint area of the standard dual-in-line package. The lead profile is designed to be compatible with standard surface mount processes.

The ACPL-M43T has enhanced features to meet  automotive application environments. This diode-transistor optocoupler houses a new AlGaAsP for higher LED reliability and longer operating life with reduce output drive current.

This digital automotive optocoupler uses an insulating layer between the light emitting diode and an integrated IC detector to provide electrical insulation between input and output.

Separate connections for the photodiode bias and output transistor collector increase the speed up to a hundred times over that of a conventional photo-transistor coupler by reducing the base-collector capacitance.

The ACPL-M43T has an increased common mode transient immunity of typical 30kV/µs minimum at Vcm = 1000V guaranteed over extended temperature range.

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Features [+-]

  • High Temperature and Reliability IPM Driver for Automotive Application
  • 30 kV/µs High Common-Mode Rejection at VCM = 1500 V (typ)
  • Compact, Auto-Insertable SO5 Packages
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 125°C
  • High Speed: 1MBd
  • Low LED Drive Current: 10mA (typ)
  • Low Propagation Delay: 500ns (typ)
  • Worldwide Safety Approval: UL 1577 (4000 Vrms/1 min.), CSA
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 Test Guidelines

Applications [+-]

  • Automotive IPM Driver
  • CANBus Communications Interface
  • High Temp/Rel Analog Signal Isolation
  • Power Transistor Isolation

Benefits [+-]

ACPL-M43T is designed with double wire bonding process to provide added redundancy and reduces wire breakage during operation. Other enhancement such as new LED for high brightness, thus reducing high LED driving current that leads to longer operating life. This product also has a new copper lead frame that has 15 times better heat dissipation to make this product suitable for automotive applications. Other improvement is the high CMR of minimum 30kV/µs for high immunity to transient noises.

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