Evaluation Kit for Fast Ethernet for multimode


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Features [+-]

  • Test Fixture (footprint compatible with all multi-mode FDDI and Fast Ethernet small-form factor transceivers)
  • Patch Cords (multimode MT-RJ to SC duplex)
  • Related Literature
    • Fiber-Optic Selection Guide
    • MT-RJ Small-Form-Factor Transceiver Application Note
    • Small-Form-Factor Transceiver Test Fixture Application Note
    • Data Sheet (FDDI and Fast Ethernet Transceivers in Low Cost 2x5 Package Style)
    • Data Sheet (ATM Multimode Fiber Transceivers for SONET OC-3/SDH STM-1 in Low Cost 2x5 Package Style
    • MT-RJ Alliance data sheet
    • MT-RJ Alliance Brochure
    • MT-RJ Information Card

Documents [+-]

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