Quadrature Decoder IC

The HCTL-2032 is CMOS ICs that perform the quadrature decoder, counter, and bus interface function. The HCTL-2032 is designed to improve system performance in digital closed loop motion control systems and digital data input systems. It does this by shifting time intensive quadrature decoder functions to a cost effective hardware solution. The HCTL-2032 consists of 4x/2x/1x-quadrature decoder, a binary up/down state counter, and an 8-bit bus interface. The HCTL-2032 has the dual-axis capability and index channel counter. The use of Schmitt-triggered CMOS inputs and input noise filters allows reliable operation in noisy environments. The HCTL-2032 contains 32-bit counter. It also contains quadrature decoder output signals and cascade signals for use with many standard computer ICs. The HCTL-2032 provides LSTLL compatible tri-state output buffers. Operation is specified for a temperature range from -40oC to 100oC at clock frequencies up to 33MHz.

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Features [+-]

  • Interfaces Encoder to Microprocessor
  • 33 MHz Clock Operation
  • Programmable Count ModesQuadrature (1x, 2x or 4x)
  • Dual Axis Support
  • Index Channel Support
  • High Noise Immunity:Schmitt Trigger Inputs Digital Noise Filter
  • 32-Bit Binary Up/Down Counter
  • Latched Outputs
  • 8-Bit Tristate Interface
  • 8, 16, 24, or 32-Bit Operating Modes
  • Quadrature Decoder Output Signals, Up/Down and Count
  • Cascade Output Signals, Up/Down and Count
  • Substantially Reduced System Software
  • 5V Operation (VDD VSS)
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible I/O
  • Operating Temperature:-40oC to 100oC
  • 32-Pin PDIP, 32-Pin SOIC

Applications [+-]

  • Interface Quadrature Incremental Encoders to Microprocessors
  • Interface Digital Potentiometers to Digital Data Input Buses

Benefits [+-]

  • 33 MHz Clock Operation -Typically operates between 2MHz and 33MHz allowing the flexibility of operation with a wide range of motor speeds
  • Single or Dual Axis Support -One HCTL-2032 IC can support single or dual axes. Hence the benefits in terms of less components on board and cost savings are inevitable
  • 32-Bit Binary Up/Down Counter -The large counter allows the IC to operate without the support of extra memory. This feature reduces the number of supporting components needed on board and in turn is a cost saving.
  • Operating Temperature: -40 degrees C to 100 degrees C-The wider operating temperature range makes the IC suitable for industrial automation operations which typically apply similar temperature ranges. This feature is not available in our existing products and also our direct competitors product range.

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