Reflective Analog Encoder

The AEDR-8320 series is one of the smallest optical encoder employing reflective technology for motion control purposes. The encoder combines an emitter and a detector in a single surface mount leadless package. When used with a codewheel or linear codestrip, the encoder translates rotary or linear motion into analog output.

The AEDR-8320 series provides motion sensing which is ideal for high volume applications, Its small size and surface mount package make it ideal for printers, copiers, card readers and many consumer products, particularly where space and weight are design constraint.

Additionally, the AEDR-8320 provides an analog output which can be interpolated to achieve higher resolution, thereby meeting the varied resolution needs of different applications.


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Features [+-]

  • Reflective technology
  • Surface mount small outline leadless package
  • Two channel analog outputs for direction sensing  
  • Single 5.0V supply
  • -40ºC to 85ºC absolute operating temperature
  • Resolution: 7.09 lines/mm

Applications [+-]

  • Motors
  • Housed Encoders
  • XY Table
  • Pick & place machine
  • Security cameras
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • CD/DVD Writers
  • Card Readers

Benefits [+-]

The AEDR-8320 is the first reflective analog miniature encoder from Avago's family of miniature reflective encoders. This encoder comes in an ultra-small package size measuring 6.50mm (L) x 4.20mm (W) x 1.69mm (H) which makes it easily designed-in into applications with space constraint.

With a 2-channel analog output and resolution of 180LPI, the encoder can achieve a resolution of up to 7840CPR through interpolation with a 11.0mm optical radius codewheel. Hence, meeting a wider range of motor speed and providing greater motor control.

Couple with its leadless surface mount package, the AEDR-8320 can easily be mounted into various tyes of applications. In addition, the AEDR-8320's low cost price structure enables manufacturers the advantage of cost savings and maintaining competitive pricing of their products.

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