5mm Round Red

The HLMP-EG1B-Z10DD Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP (aluminum indium gallium phosphide) LEDs offer superior light output for excellent readability in sunlight and dependable performance. AlInGaP technology provides extremely stable light output over long periods of time. These red, round 5mm LED lamps are untinted T-1 3 /4 packages incorporating second generation optics which produce well defined radiation patterns at specific viewing cone angles.

These lamps are made with an advanced optical grade epoxy offering superior high temperature and high moisture resistance performance in outdoor signal and sign applications. The maximum LED junction temperature limit of 130 degrees C enables high temperature operation in bright sunlight conditions.

The epoxy contains both uv-a and uv-b inhibitors to reduce the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight.

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Features [+-]

  • Viewing angle: 15°, 23° and 30°
  • High luminous intensity
  • Color
    590nm Amber
    626nm Red
  • Package Option: with or without standoff
  • Superior resistance to moisture
  • Untinted for 15°, 23° and 30° lamps

Applications [+-]

  • Traffic signal
  • Pedestrian signals
  • Work zone warning lights
  • Variable message signs
  • Solar Power Signs
  • Commercial outdoor advertising signs
  • Commercial outdoor advertising marquees

Documents [+-]

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