Eight Character 5 mm Smart Alphanumeric Display

The HDSP-2534 is ideal for applications where displaying eight or more characters of dot matrix in formation in an aesthetically manner is required. This device is an eight-digit, 5x7 dot matrix, alphanumeric display. The 5.0mm (0.2inch) high charactes are packaged in a 0.300mm (7.62 inch) 30 pin DIP. The on-board CMOS IC has the ability to decode 128 ASCII characters, which are permanently stored in ROM. In addition, 16 programmable symbols may be stored in on-board RAM. Seven brightness levels provide versatility in adjusting the display intensity and power consumption. The HDSP-2534 is designed for standard microprocessor interface techniques. The display and special featurse are accessed through a bidirectional eight-bit data bus.

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Features [+-]

  • XY Stackable
  • 128 Character ASCII Decoder
  • Programmable Functions
  • 16 User Definable Characters
  • Multi-Level Dimming and Blanking
  • TTL Compatible CMOS IC
  • Wave Solderable

Applications [+-]

  • Avionics
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Portable Data Entry Devices
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Test Equipment

Documents [+-]

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