10-Element Bar Graph Array

These 10-element LED arrays are designed to display information in easily recognizable bar graph form.The packages are end stackable and therefore capable of displaying long strings of information. Use of these bar graph arrays eliminates the alignment, intensity, and color matching problems associated with discrete LEDs. This device contain LEDs of one color in a single package.

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Features [+-]

  • Green Color 10 elements Array
  • Matched LEDs for Uniform Appearance
  • End Stackable
  • Package Interlock Ensures Correct Alignment
  • Low Profile Package
  • Rugged Construction
  • Large,Easily Recognizable Segments
  • High ON-OFF Contrast,Segment to Segment
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Categorized for Luminous Intensity
  • Categorized for Dominant Wavelength

Applications [+-]

  • Traffic Management:
    • Traffic Signals
    • Work Zone Warning Lights
    • Variable Message Signs
  • Commercial Outdoor Advertising:
    • Signs
    • Marquees
  • Automotive:
    • Exterior and Interior Lights

Documents [+-]

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