MicroPOD™ and MiniPOD™ 120G/150G/168G Transmitters/Receivers

As part of the Atlas Optical Engine product family, the MicroPOD™ and MiniPOD™ embedded optical transmitter/receiver modules provide unparalleled channel density, system bandwidth, and design flexibility for board and system level interconnect. These devices are designed to maximize the delivery of 12x10Gbps, 12x12.5Gbps and 12x14Gbps embedded optical solutions targeting high-density backplane and midplane applications for Ethernet, Optical Transport Networking (OTN), Infiniband and high-speed interconnects.

New: Amphenol InterCon Snap and Go Integrated Socket and Heat Sink for MicroPOD
Altera Optical FPGA Technology with Integrated MicroPOD optics
View Video: Optical PCIe Gen3 using Avago MiniPOD™ Optical Modules

120G/150G/168G Product Information

Atlas Optical Engine Transmitter Receiver
MicroPOD™ 12x10G AFBR-77D1SZ AFBR-78D1SZ
MicroPOD™ 12x12.5G AFBR-77D2SZ AFBR-78D2SZ
MicroPOD™ 12x14G AFBR-77D4SZ AFBR-78D4SZ
MiniPOD™ 12x10G AFBR-811VxyZ AFBR-821VxyZ
MiniPOD™ 12x12.5G AFBR-812VxyZ AFBR-822VxyZ
MiniPOD™ 12x14G AFBR-814VxyZ AFBR-824VxyZ


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