10Gb Ethernet, 850 nm, 10GBASE-SR, SFP+ Transceiver

The Avago AFBR-703SDZ transceiver is part of a family of SFP+ products. This transceiver utilizes Avago’s 850nm VCSEL and PIN Detector technology to provide an IEEE 10Gb Ethernet design compliant with the 10GBASE-SR standard. The AFBR-703SDZ transceiver is designed to enable 10Gb Ethernet equipment designs with very high port density based on the new electrical and mechanical specification enhancements to the well known SFP specifications developed by the SFF Committee. These specifications are referred to as SFP+ to recognize these enhancements to previous SFP specifications used for lower speed products. Avago Technologies is an active participant in the SFF Committee specification development activities.


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Features [+-]

  • Avago 850nm VCSEL source and Transmitter Optical Subassembly technology
  • Avago PIN detector and Receiver Optical Subassembly technology
  • Typical power dissipation 600mW
  • Full digital diagnostic management interface
  • Avago SFP+ package design enables equipment EMI performance in high port density applications with margin to Class B limits

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