100G CFP2 SR10 Optical Transceiver

The Avago AFBR-8420Z is a 10-channel pluggable, multi-mode parallel optic transceiver module designed for high-density 100G Ethernet and Optical Transport Network (OTN). The device is designed to maximize the delivery of 10G data channels for 100G networks supporting 100Gbps SR10 and 10x10Gbps Ethernet interconnects per IEEE 802.3ba Clause 86 and 802.3ae Clause 52. Furthermore, the device is interoperable with 40G SR4 and Avago 10G SR optical solutions.

AFBR-8420Z CFP2, 850 nm, 3.3 V, 100GBASE-SR10 Compliant Pluggable Ethernet Optical Transceiver

Lifecycle status:
Limited Release

Features [+-]

  • Compliant to RoHS directives 
  • Compliant to CFP2 industry agreement 
  • Utilizes CFP2 “ALT1” electrical pin configuration for 10 wide electrical interfaces  
  • Compliant to 100GbE specifications 802.3ba (100GBASE-SR10, CAUI and CPPI) up to 100m OM3 and 150m OM4 fiber 
  • Interoperable with 10GbE transceivers that are compliant to 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR specifications with receiver overload up to 2.4 dBm max
  • Links up to 100 meters using OM3 fiber and 150 meters using OM4 fiber
  • 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
  • Class 1 eye safe per IEC60825-1 and CDRH
  • Wide case temperature range (0 °C to 70 °C)
  • Utilizes standard 24 lane optical fiber with MTP (MPO) optical connector for high density and thin, lightweight cable management
  • Diagnostic features per CFP2 using MDIO. Real-time monitoring of:
    • Transmitter average optical power
    • Received average optical power
    • Laser bias current
    • Temperature
    • Supply voltage
  • Mechanical specifications per CFP2 Agreement
  • Proven high-reliability 850nm technology: Avago VCSEL array transmitter and Avago PIN array receiver
  • Integrated CDRs on each transmit and receive lane for CAUI compliance, which can be bypassed for lower power dissipation CPPI interfaces

Applications [+-]

  • 10×10Gb/s Ethernet Interconnects (802.3ae Clause 52)
  • 100Gb/s Ethernet Interconnects (802.3ba Clause 86)
  • Datacom/Telecom Switch and Router Connections
  • Data Aggregation and Density Applications

Documents [+-]

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