Data Center Networks

Current data center infrastructure is being challenged with the burgeoning growth of cloud computing and mobile internet data usage. Many data centers worldwide are undergoing major transformations to keep pace with current needs and future-proof networks to meet higher bandwidth demands.

The prevalent trend in modern data centers is the architectural shift from a traditional 3-tier network to a simplified, cloud-ready, 2-tier network called the leaf-spine network that is massively scalable and more efficient. Another significant transformation is the upgrade of speeds across the networks from 1G to 10G at the host connections and from 10G to 40G/100G at the switch-to-switch connections.

With these changes come major technical challenges for optical module, component and chip suppliers. Avago Technologies has addressed these technical challenges and brought to market highly differentiated solutions that meet the growing needs of modern data centers.

Avago Fiber Optic Module and ASIC/ASSP Solutions Enable Bigger, Flatter and Faster Data Center Networks

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