Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104

10:4 Gearbox 100G Ethernet/OTN PHY IC



The Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104 is a single-chip 100Gbps gearbox PHY IC designed for high-density 100G Ethernet and Optical Transport Networking (OTN) applications. The device supports full-duplex multiplexing of ten 10/11Gbps channels and de-multiplexing of four 25/28Gbps channels. The device features Avago’s proven 28nm CMOS SerDes technology that has demonstrated compliance with IEEE CAUI and various Common Electrical Interface (CEI) standards that include CEI-11G-SR, CEI-25G-LR, and CEI-28G-VSR. The device also incorporates Avago’s unique proprietary Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) architecture providing low overall power consumption, low data latency and best-in-class jitter and crosstalk performance.

The Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104 is ideal for driving both backplane and portside for data center, enterprise and OTN switch and router applications. The communication link can withstand up to 32dB of channel loss, thereby enabling customers to use and drive highly lossy backplanes, cables and connectors. In addition, the device can be configured as a 10:10 retimer supporting full-duplex transmission of ten 10/11Gbps channels for long reach applications.




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