Company History

Avago Technologies has a 50-year heritage of technical innovation. Over the years, we have assembled a diverse team of highly talented engineers and developed a rich product and intellectual property portfolio enabling us to excel and lead in the markets we serve.

Technology Leadership and Business Milestones through the Decades


  • Released a 3rd generation of PCIe switches that enable the convergence of servers, storage, and network devices through PCIe
  • Demonstrated industry-leading 56G PAM4 SerDes
  • Debuted industry’s first LNA-filter module for SDARS car radio systems
  • Industry-leading 25G VCSEL shipment surpassed 1 million channels
  • Avago acquired Emulex Corporation


  • QSFP+ MMF optical transceiver shipment surpassed 500,000 modules
  • Avago acquired PLX Technology, Inc.
  • Avago acquired LSI Corporation
  • Introduced12Gb/s 16-port SAS solutions
  • Introduced industry’s first automotive-grade photovoltaic MOSFET driver
  • Introduced Industry’s first compact 100Gps optical engines for CFP4 transceiver form factor
  • Introduced Industry’s first 100G QSFP28 optical transceiver


  • Avago acquired CyOptics.
  • Shipped more than 350 million embedded SerDes channels in ASICs and ASSPs
  • Demonstration of 32G SerDes performance in 28nm CMOS
  • Avago acquired Javelin Semiconductor.
  • Introduction of 150G/168G MicroPOD and MiniPOD solutions
  • World’s first 100G CFP2 SR10 optical transceiver


  • Introduction of Vortex Gearbox family of 28nm CMOS 100G Ethernet/OTN PHYs
  • Industry’s first precision optical Isolation amplifiers optimized for voltage sensing
  • Industry’s first 28 nm 25 Gbps long reach compliant ASIC SerDes for networking equipment


  • Announced Fiscal Year 2011 revenue of $2.3 billion; continued payments of regular interim dividends; completed secondary offerings leaving private equity firms holding under 12% of the company's shares
  • Announced market's first WiMAX coexistence front-end module for simplified design of smartphones and other portable electronics
  • Unveiled the market’s first optical transceiver platform with 14-Gbps per lane performance, including 16G Fibre Channel SFP+ modules for storage applications and four-channel QSFP+ modules for networking applications; Demonstrated the world’s first multi-Gigabit optical interconnect for consumer applications
  • First to demonstrate 30-Gbps embedded SerDes performance in 28 nm CMOS technology for ASICs used in networking, computing, and storage applications; Surpassed 150 million SerDes channels shipped
  • Introduced the industry’s smallest three-channel reflective encoder and highest-resolution Hall-effect magnetic encoder for industrial applications
  • Expanded industry-leading optocoupler portfolio with a new generation of gate drive devices that deliver best-in-class performance for industrial applications and new automotive-grade devices for hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • Raised the bar for viewing-quality of electronic signage and full-color displays with the market's brightest oval through-hole LEDs


  • Announced Fiscal Year 2010 revenue of $2.1 billion; declared the company’s first interim dividend; completed the redemption of the company’s remaining Senior Subordinated Notes, leaving Avago essentially debt-free for the first time
  • First to demonstrate 28-Gbps embedded SerDes performance in 40 nm CMOS technology for ASICs used in networking, computing, and storage applications
  • Unveiled a four-channel parallel optic QSFP+ transceiver – the market’s first optical module to enable multimode 40-Gbps Ethernet uplink applications; Demonstrated the industry's first CXP parallel optic transceiver solution fully-compliant to industry standards
  • Announced the world’s first 4G/LTE Band 7 duplexer, bringing optimized quality of voice service and battery life of FBAR technology to emerging mobile handsets and data terminals
  • Introduced the fastest, most energy-efficient embedded interconnect technology of its kind, an embedded fiber optic solution developed in collaboration with IBM to handle the high-speed data rate requirements of the world's most powerful supercomputers
  • Unveiled compact MicroPOD™ embedded parallel optic solution with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 150 Gbps for short-range data and communication interconnect applications
  • Avago introduced new miniature Optical Finger Navigation input system for cell phones and portable electronic devices


  • Introduced industry’s first Direct Current (DC) to 80 GHz Traveling Wave Amplifier for microwave radio systems and satellite Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) applications
  • Announced high performance touch screen interface technology for Smart Phones and portable electronic communications devices
  • Avago unveiled its advanced embedded optical engine technology to enable high-speed connectivity in a wide range of electronic computing and consumer applications
  • August 6, 2009, Avago completes IPO on NASDAQ, stock symbol: AVGO
  • Avago’s optical mouse shipments exceed one billion


  • Avago acquires Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) business from Infineon
  • Avago was first to demonstrate 20Gbps serialization/de-serialization (SerDes) performance in 40nm silicon for data center applications
  • Introduced the world’s smallest radio frequency (RF) amplifier for use in a variety of architectures with innovative WaferCap chip scale technology
  • Avago completes acquisition of Nemicon to complement its motion control product line
  • First to market with next-generation 10 Gbps Ethernet SFP short reach transceivers for next-generation networking equipment


  • Avago becomes first company to offer SerDes supporting Intel™ QuickPath™ Interconnect
  • Avago announced new FBAR-based quintplexer which brings single antenna, simultaneous GPS and voice to mobile handsets  - company FBAR shipments exceed 500 million
  • Avago acquires fiber business from Infineon
  • Avago shattered data throughput barriers with 100 Gigabit Ethernet parallel optics technology demonstration


  • Shipped 600 millionth optical mouse sensor, 25 millionth ASIC embedded SerDes channel and one-millionth RoHS-compliant fiber optic transceiver module
  • Delivered industry's first high-speed digital optocouplers targeted for hybrid and electric vehicle applications
  • Demonstrated high-performance 12.5 Gbps ASIC embedded SerDes core in 65 nm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process


  • December: Avago Technologies is established creating the world’s largest privately held independent semiconductor company
  • KKR and Silver Lake Partners acquire Agilent’s Semiconductor Products Group (SPG) for $2.66 billion.
  • Shipped 400 millionth optical mouse sensor


  • 10 millionth lead-free optocoupler shipped in first year of product availability
  • 100th mobile phone design win for FBAR duplexer and transmit filter
  • Shipped 4 millionth Tachyon Fibre Channel controller, 300 millionth optical mouse sensor, 25 millionth camera module for mobile phones, 400 millionth imaging ASIC, 10 millionth ASIC embedded SerDes channel, 10 millionth E-pHEMT power amplifier for mobile phones


  • Shipped 200 millionth optical mouse sensor and 20 millionth FBAR duplexer
  • Shipped more than 500,000 E-pHEMT power amplifier modules per month


  • Acquired RedSwitch, adding expertise in InfiniBand and RapidIO to our product portfolio
  • Shipped 100 millionth optical mouse sensor


  • Shipped 30 millionth optical mouse sensor, 100 millionth system-on-a-chip, and 2.5 millionth small form-factor fiber optic transceiver


  • Over 4 million fiber optic transceivers (with MT-RJ connectors) shipped worldwide


  • Semiconductor Products Group (SPG) formed to increase leverage of core semiconductor competencies to fulfill customer requirements across a broad range of emerging technologies and standards
  • Release of our optical mouse sensor helped to eliminate the need for mouse pads, and enabled the creation of a more precise and longer lasting computer mouse
  • Introduced the world’s brightest LED with the combination of bright output, reliability and low power consumption -- it replaces incandescent lamps in many new applications
  • Introduced the industry’s first low-cost, high-speed small infrared transceiver which allows wireless ‘point and shoot’ data exchange in a wide range of portable computing applications such as phones, computers, printers, cash registers, ATMs, digital cameras and more


  • Introduced the first fiber optic transmitters and receivers for data communications


  • Introduced the first commercially available light-emitting diode (LED) dot matrix displays
  • Developed breakthrough gallium-arsenide-phosphide (GaAsP) LEDs, which would prove useful in many applications, including alphanumeric displays for handheld devices and, eventually, stoplights and signage