Data-intensive applications such as Big Data, cloud computing, video streaming services and mobile broadband internet connectivity continue to grow at an accelerating rate. The ever-expanding data volumes pose many technical challenges on data centers. Multiple terabits of data travel to and from the data center each second. Moving such massive data around the data center requires a robust infrastructure that is capable of handling high bandwidth data delivery to and from storage endpoints, servers, top-of-rack (TOR) switches and core switches.

Hyperscale Data Center Performance

Avago SAS and SATA host bus adapters provide optimal connectivity, scalability, performance and manageability for the DAS architectures that are central to hyperscale data center storage infrastructures.

Accelerate Cloud Deployments, Reduce Costs

Avago provides SAS and MegaRAID controller card solutions for OpenStack and other cloud computing environments to accelerate deployments and reduce costs.

Streamline Data Centers for Scalable Computing

Open Compute enables highly efficient server, storage and data centers for scalable computing.

Reduce Data Center Costs

Hyperscale data centers scale to thousands of servers with a focus on reducing TCO. Avago solutions help reduce the cost and complexity of deployments.

ExpressFabric: Thinking Outside the Box

ExpressFabric technology is designed to replace the “bridging” and switching devices that operate within a cloud/data center rack.

Cloud Computing with PCIe Switches

High availability and redundancy are key requirements in the cloud environment. Avago provides scalable PCIe switches that make the cloud usage model a reality.

Data Center Networks

Current data center infrastructure is being challenged with the burgeoning growth of cloud computing and mobile internet data usage. Avago solutions enable bigger, flatter and faster data center networks.