Avago products serve four primary target markets: wireless communications, enterprise storage, wired infrastructure, and industrial. Applications for our products in these target markets include cellular phones and base stations, data networking, storage and telecommunications equipment, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and displays. Our application content includes block diagrams, product selection guides and brochures and related product information.

Data Centers

Avago storage connectivity solutions help maximize server speed and uptime, providing the foundational technologies that make hyperscale data centers possible.

Enterprise Storage

Avago enterprise storage solutions provide the connectivity, scalability, performance, and manageability required for data-intensive applications including web and cloud.

Wired Infrastructure

Avago wireline solutions address critical technical challenges across various levels of the network infrastructure with a diverse portfolio of innovative fiber optics and chip solutions.

Wireless Communications

Avago's innovative, market-leading communication solutions are enabling next-generation mobile devices, cellular networks, and data center solutions.


Avago industrial products effectively address the current and emerging technical challenges of numerous industrial markets.